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Delight in the rich and savory taste of our Hines Meat Co. Polish Smoked Sausage – a traditional favorite crafted with high-quality meats and a blend of authentic Polish seasonings, bringing the essence of Eastern European culinary heritage to your table.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Meat Blend: Our Polish Smoked Sausage is made from a select blend of high-quality meats, ensuring a succulent and satisfying texture. The premium meat blend contributes to the robust flavor profile of this classic sausage.

  2. Authentic Polish Seasonings: Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Polish cuisine. The sausage is seasoned with a traditional blend of spices, creating a well-balanced and savory taste that pays homage to the culinary heritage of Poland.

  3. Smoked to Perfection: Undergoing a meticulous smoking process, our sausage captures the essence of smokiness, adding depth and complexity to the flavor. The smoking process contributes to the sausage's rich and savory character.

  4. Versatile Culinary Use: Whether enjoyed on its own, sliced into sandwiches, or incorporated into stews and casseroles, our Polish Smoked Sausage is a versatile ingredient that complements a variety of dishes. Its robust flavor stands out in every culinary creation.

  5. Fully Cooked Convenience: Ready to heat and enjoy, our Polish Smoked Sausage offers the convenience of a fully cooked sausage. This time-saving option allows you to savor the authentic taste of Polish cuisine without the need for extensive preparation.

  6. Culinary Heritage: Embrace the culinary heritage of Poland with our Polish Smoked Sausage. It's a sausage that embodies the traditional flavors and craftsmanship of Polish culinary traditions, delivering a taste that is both nostalgic and comforting.

Experience the rich and authentic taste of Eastern European cuisine with our Hines Meat Co. Polish Smoked Sausage – a flavorful journey that brings the essence of Poland to your dining table. 🇵🇱🌭🍽️


INGREDIENTS: pork, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, natural smoke flavor, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrite